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在美式口語會話中,人們常會用到一個短語touch base,你知道它的意思和來歷嗎?在日常溝通中又該正確使用這個短語呢? 其實,touch base,并不是說你要用手去觸碰什么東西,它的意思是:與某人進行聯絡,通過溝通了解某人的想法等。那這個短語的來歷或起源是什么?
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“Touch base with someone” 是甚麼意思?
在棒球場上,“Base” 是指壘,當一個棒球員跑壘的時侯,他必須觸踏到壘(“Touch base’)才算攻佔那個壘。 “Touch base with [someone]” 並非表示你要去觸碰某人,它是指你跟某人連絡,討論或者聊一聊喔。 (1) I want to touch base with you on this proposal.
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With mobile phone, I can keep in touch with my base on the go. 有 了 手機,我 就能 隨時隨地 與 總部 保持 聯系。 They may say don’t come in, but it ‘s a good thing to touch base with your provider’s office. 人們 會 叫你 別 去,但是 與 你 的醫生
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touch me not n. 水金鳳,鳳仙花,高傲的人 touch tone a. 按鍵式的 touch control adj. 搐控式的 touch judge n. 〈橄欖球〉巡邊員,司線員 touch paper n. (爆竹的)導火紙,火硝紙 touch retract 接觸再后退引弧 touch pad 觸摸屏
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touch base with “touch base with”的中文翻譯 詞典解釋 固定詞組 ph. 1. 和聯系 相關詞語 touch base with base
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touchy (a.)敏感的,煩惱的,易怒的,暴躁的 可輸入英文單字,中文字詞,臺灣地址,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入
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Touch base
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How to Use ‘Touch Base’
To touch base means to make contact or communication with someone, usually briefly. At the very least, when free agency kicks off this winter, the Yankees and Cole, represented by Scott Boras, will touch base and express mutual interest.— Ken Davidoff, The …
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9/10/2017 · What’s wrong with using “I’ll touch base with you” in an email?“Touching base” simply means getting in contact with someone. (It’s believed to derive from baseball, where a player must touch four bases to score a run.) Unfortunately, a Glassdoor survey revealed roughly one in four employees think “touch base” is the most annoying buzzword.
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・Touch base with Mark about this matter. Don’t make a decision without his opinion. : この件に関してはマークさんに話してください。彼の意見を聞かずに決定してはいけません。 touch base with someone from time to time 折に觸れ(人)と連絡
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base upon的中文翻譯,base upon是什么意思,怎么用漢語翻譯base upon,base upon的中文意思,base upon的中文,base upon in Chinese,base upon的中文,base upon怎么讀,發音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。 歷年行動研究彙編第3冊
I consider touch base meetings to be similar to listening to an awesome podcast in standstill traffic — you might still be in traffic, but it’s still an enjoyable and productive use of that time. I’m lucky to have worked for companies and managers that value touch bases as much as I do, and even now at Visiple where everyone is remote, we still find time to catch up on a weekly or 歷年行動研究彙編第3冊

Touch Base Tracker

Touch Base Tracker Network much? This accessible doc will keep all your contacts organized and help you plan when it’s time to touch base with them. Also includes bonus Networking Expansion Plan tracker.
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