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要拿 A1 和其它 OLED 電視,或者 SONY 自家的 LED 背光電視比較,的確有點難,未曾觀看過 A1 的表現前,心裡面都會盤算 A1 和 LED 電視,特別是 Z9D 的分別,雖然測試沒有正面拿 A1 和 Z9D 比較,但筆者個人倒對兩款電視有一點看法。
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突破宿命終於殺上 Sony A1 4K OLED 55″ 電視入手安裝記
一直係呢個家庭影院內, 都有一個長期的鬥爭發生中, 第一個係加多一對耳仔水平的後置喇叭, 第二個就係更換 OLED 電視,今年一出 Sony 的 A1 OLED, 尺寸最細都只有55吋,心中已經拿住拿住,因為屋企太細,中央一直都拒絕入手超過 50 吋以上的電視…
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Sony BRAVIA A1 4K OLED電視開箱,不只視覺享受更是生活享 …

30/1/2018 · Sony電視一直是我心中的一個小小夢想阿!自從Sony去年推出A1後,只要去百貨公司我就會不小心佇足在播4K HDR影片的65吋A1前,久到老婆都要動怒….人生走到而立之年,這一次,我決定圓了自己的4K OLED BRAVIA夢。可惜安排的裝機時間必須上班,就請在家
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Sony A1: One Camera to Rule Them All With DPRTV and …

1 天前 · Many have only been able to give their opinions about the Sony A1 since Sony kept the camera to themselves, but it looks like Sony built one camera to rule them all. No camera on the market currently comes too close to what the Sony A1 has to offer, but the camera also goes far beyond the needs of most photographers.
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Sony超旗艦A1電視7月登臺開賣 螢幕可直接發出聲音
Sony A1電視機身最薄更僅7.8公厘。(記者吳佩樺攝)〔記者吳佩樺/臺北報導〕Sony超旗艦4K HDR OLED電視A1系列今日登臺,預計7月開賣。最大特色是讓營
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SONY KD-65A1 開箱 2017 NEW OLED TV @ 愛樂音響 FOCAL喇叭 …

這次 SONY A1 把這個音箱也當成是電視的支撐座了. 重低音單體一眼望過去就可以很清楚的看見它的身影.. 左邊這個是音箱固定座的釋放按鈕 … 如果採用桌放安裝那就要押一下這個就是釋放開關。 這個背板才會釋放下來便成支撐架!
Sony Bravia A1 OLED TV Review- Is It Worth The Price?
DPReview TV: Chris and Jordan react to the Sony a1
Chris and Jordan share their first reactions to the new Sony Alpha 1. What features and technology excite them most, and who is it really made for? Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get new episodes of DPReview TV every week. Introduction The a1 sensor
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如何評價索尼 2017 年的電視旗艦 Sony A1?
索尼 (Sony) OLED 黑科技 如何評價索尼 2017 年的電視旗艦 Sony A1?OLED材質,極簡設計,屏幕就能發聲的黑科技,以及銀幕聲場技術和X1進階版4K HDR圖像處理芯片所帶來的高品質聲音,圖像的“音畫合一”體驗,讓索尼B
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Sony A1 vs Sony A9 II vs Sony A7R IV: they can’t ALL be …

26/1/2021 · It’s the Sony A9 II that gets hit the hardest, as the A1 doubles its resolution and beats it for speed too. We don’t yet know the A1’s buffer capacity, but right now it looks as if the A9 II’s only real advantage is its much lower price. Early verdict: The A7R IV is still top for resolution, but the A1 is not far behind and makes the A9 II look a little slow… but at a price.
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New 50MP, 30 fps, 8K30p, $6,500 Sony A1 mirrorless …

26/1/2021 · The new Sony a1 camera is now available for pre-order Coming soon: Leica Noctilux M 50mm f/1.2 ASPH Heritage limited edition lens Sony a7 IV rumored specifications Skylum Luminar AI update version 1.0.1 released New 50MP, 30 fps, 8K30p, $6,500 Sony
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【CES 2018】小改良大改善 Sony 第二代 OLED 電視
上屆 CES 上,Sony 發表第一部 OLED 大電視 BRAVIA A1E,反應大熱,好多影音發燒友都期待 Sony 今年電視會有甚麼新搞作,結果真的出現第二代 OLED 電視 BRAVIA A8F。
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Sony a1 Marries Stacked Sensor Tech With 50MP Capture

26/1/2021 · Sony a1 (Image: Sony) Despite the increase in pixel density, the a1’s sensor reads out faster than the chip in the a9 and a9 II. The a9 was Sony’s first attempt at a full-frame stacked sensor, one that puts memory directly on the chip to improve readout speed, a must for Raw capture at extreme frame rates.
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Sony A1 vs Canon EOS R5: which mirrorless camera wins …

2 天前 · The Sony A1 and Canon EOS R5 can both shoot 8K video at 30 frames per second. However, there are some differences in how they operate. Canon’s camera can shoot 8K footage with 4:2:2 10-bit color
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