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入iBank,銀行,FinTech,Big 4必考專業認證及課程(外加懶人 …

係搵工時除左相關工作經驗外,進修及考取相關嘅課程同證書都可以提高你拎到Offer(及Return Offer)嘅機會!但係蕓蕓眾多資歷認證及課程之中,邊個先同你最想入嘅行業,好似投行Front Office如IBD,PB,AM,S&T,Big 4,Consulting等最有關係?想知答案就快
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Big 4 Human Resources
Big 4 HR is all about HR; our very name shares our connection to 4 main areas of developing businesses through human resources: executive search & …
商業項目培訓生(原商業項目實習)|iOS Reactjs Nodejs Mobile開發 Blockchain 人工智能 培訓 | 澳洲IT匠人圈
各大MT Programme人工披露!
(Comment僅屬個人意見) Bank of East Asia ~ 23k 前景 – 一般 Bank of China ~ 17k 前景 – 一般 Citi ~ 25k 前景 – 好 CLP ~ 21k 前景 – low marketability Dah Sing Bank ~ 23k 前景 – 一般 Big 4 ~ 16-17k 前景 – 踏腳石
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BDO shinewing GT人工一問? 希望在職既可以答下~
24/1/2021 · BDO 有分原BDO人工 同舊GT人工嫁BOR (不過GT班加得少過2%個班人差唔多走曬) 以下係頭5 grade人工 [Q唔Q PAY 冇意思, 佢比你$15K+$3Q 同$18K冇Q有乜分別?] Staff year 1 $9xxx – $12xxx Staff year 2 $1xxxx to $1xxxx Senior year 1 $1xxxx to $22xxx
商業項目培訓生(原商業項目實習)|iOS Reactjs Nodejs Mobile開發 Blockchain 人工智能 培訓 | 澳洲IT匠人圈
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4 November 2020 Assistant Property Officer 4 November 2020 Manager (Analytics) – Group Customer Ecosystem and Relationship Management 23 October 2020 Event Ambassador 25 September 2020 Senior Manager / Manager – Human Resources
BizTalk Server 2016 – Performance Tuning and Optimization – Bookyage
Job Salaries in Hong Kong
Learn how much employees earn by their job title. Browse job salaries by company, location, experience and more from data provided by real employees. Want to explore beyond
Service Operations Management – Improving Service Delivery (4th Edition) – Bookyage
Salary: Senior Manager
25/1/2021 · The national average salary for a Senior Manager is HK$864,000 in Hong Kong. Filter by location to see Senior Manager salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 121 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Senior Manager employees.
重磅出爐!2020澳洲最有錢途的職業,竟然是它們!年薪高達19萬!附全部清單! | 微悉尼 | 澳洲全方位新聞 ...
Hays Asia Salary Guide
Marked by continued digital innovation and a slowing global economy, 2020 is expected to be a period of measured hiring and compensation where candidates must prove their worth and companies must match growing expectations to attract and retain them.
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GME 71 開定先 【奴性訓練】北角475名居民檢測無人確診,咁又點,我仲要繼續做,你吹得我漲呀?????????
Customer Service – Manager Customer Service – Supervisor / Officer Direct Sales General Sales Retail Sales Sales – Real Estate Sales Administration Sales Engineer / Technical Sales Sales Management Telesales / Telemarketing / Call Centre Wholesale Others
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Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Cyberport is a creative digital community with a cluster of technology and digital content tenants. It is owned and managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government.
職位 服裝助理 / 服裝倉助理 (合約) Administration Officer/Administrative Assistant 節目主任 Accounts Clerk Digital Designer / Senior Digital Designer Documentary Producer / Senior Producer Publicity Officer Library Clerk Marketing Services Assistant (TVB
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Government Job Vacancy in Hong Kong
Search Government Job in Hong Kong ? Find thousands civil and non-civil jobs and apply your favouraite job under government sector at which is is a leading job site in Hong Kong that offers thousands of job openings, career advice, salary index and
歡迎大家繼續學習Unity游戲編程基礎 在這一節我們介紹游戲管理器的實現 本節將采用PPT講解加項目演示的方式 介紹游戲管理器相關的知識要點。 我們在 項目演示階段演示了游戲管理器 在《慕課英雄》第三人稱簡易版中的應用 大家可以根據自己的專業基礎和學習能力情況,從以下三種方式 …
[依我觀察] 做IT做到過50K 方法
2/3/2016 · Project manager, 8年exp or above, 唔知幾錢cap, 不過識人都6萬幾7萬人工. 政府俾得既錢既話, iBank 唔洗講仲高. iBank 做VP grade 既support 都5萬起跳. sorry, 問多次當事人, Analyst programmer cap 係3萬4., 不過年年加薪 啱啱二月開始t24 CAP係1794日薪